Follow me on Instagram to see my newest knives, personal projects, and other adventures.

Follow me on Instagram to see my newest knives, personal projects, and other adventures.

My products are hand-crafted cutlery and specialty knives of exacting workmanship. All blades are tested for edge geometry and edge holding. All knives are meticulously sharpened according to their intended use. My knives are an investment in the future and a legacy to be passed from one generation to the next.

- Ed Storch


  • I attended a knife making course presented by Ed. I found him to be exceptionally knowledgeable and very easy to learn from. His guidance and advice was both helpful and practical. I continue to apply his teachings as I endeavor to reach my ultimate goal of Master Blacksmith. If you have an opportunity to learn from Ed I would highly recommend doing so --- Dwayne Giesbrecht

  • With a thought that its rather enjoyable to have a past project lauded, I wish to express my sincere appreciation of one of your past projects. Though memory of exact dating seems to have failed, I suspect that it was 2002 or 3 that you created a chef's knife for a chap named Dr Robin Leech. To aid your memory, the blade is about 27 cm with the overall length 40 cm. The handle is unique in that it is 3.5 cm at its widest point, necking down to about 2 cm. This was requested inasmuch as I can only grasp with my 4th and 5th digits and need the more bulky handle to grasp. This knife was given me by Dr. Leech as a gift for a particular occasion. From the time of receipt, it has been the most favoured knife in our kitchen. Beyond simply being a work of art, it is an absolute champion at holding the keenest edge. It is a singular joy to use. I have thanked Robin many times over but it seemed only proper to thank you as well. With best wishes for your continued success --- J.W.M. Schorer