I offer stock removal classes to help you construct  - dovetail bolsters-  single guard- double guard-taper tang- flat grind-  friction folder-  hollow grind- double edge grind-  asymmetrical double edge grind- acid greying-and sword making. These classes get progressively more challenging. Case making and sharpening included.

I offer Damascus classes to help you forge weld and pattern billets with- layered steel-  cable, chain (Saw or Roller)-  nickel and powered steel-  or Stainless Steel- These classes get progressively more challenging. After surface grinding, stock removal methods are used to finish blades.


2017 Classes

Stock Removal.  Dates  ,    Call for the best date for you.More dates in future.Scouts, Guides,4 H,or other youth groups get 50% discount to promote knifizim and respect of knives

-Call 780-763-2214-  for classes during week-



Mar       17-18 stock full

April   7-8 stock

  May 5-6 stock full


          18-19-20-  Damascus

           26-27 stock


Damascus and sword making by request





Basic Stock Removal is a subtractive process where you remove material from stock steel to create blades. This basic class will teach this method of knifemaking. Minimum 14 years of age. All under 18 must have guardian to sign and be present.

Stock removal $50 + what I charge for a similar knife--Minimum $350 usual  Total $ 450 + or -  6 max students.
Starts 9:00 both days. Bring food/drink and safety gear for eye-nose-ear (I have lenders).


Damascus. - 

Damascus class allow 3 days at $750 You forge weld cable and layered Damascus. Finish a letter opener and a Damascus blade and have a cable billet to work on here or at home, If welds are good. We cover: compatible steels,prep for welding, flux, temperature control, welding with hand hammer, press, air hammer,rollermill, anealling, surfacing, grinding, filing sholders, heat treat with salt-polish-acid etch, make and fit guard, fit and finish handle, and many more details. Stock removal experience a prerequisite for Damascus classes.Max 4 students.