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My knives are in use world wide. Professional chefs and cooks use Storch knives. Hunters report using Storch knives for skinning several animals without resharpening.

I work from my rural workshop near Mannville, Alberta, Canada. My shop includes a hydraulic press for forge welding and my own handmade grinders and forges. Most steel is hardened in molten salt in my shop.

I have studied under world-class knifemaker Brian Lyttle and credit Brian as an inspiration and teacher in the art of pattern welding, also known as damascus steel.

I became hooked on the craft when I made my first knife (from a saw blade and axe handle) at the age of 12. Later, at Olds College in the early 1960's, I learned how to heat treat steel. Classes at Lakeland College in Vermilion, Alberta, showed me where to source knifemakers' supplies and how to finish handles and blades to high standards.

I approach each project with the combination of skills, materials and techniques that will produce the knife best suited to its intended use. I also use mokume of silver and copper for some knife fittings.

I test all my blades for edge geometry and edge holding, and sharpen all blades according to their intended use.

My fighting knives, even though they have quality edges, don't often need sharpening, as they are commonly used for martial arts "forms" or exercises. Many of my high-end knives of all designs are waxed and displayed by appreciative collectors.

I view my knives as an investment in the future, a legacy to be passed from one generation to the next.

1998 saw the first annual "Northwest Canadian Knifemakers' Symposium" on June 27 & 28, held here in my shop and yard. Forty knifemakers, as well as their spouses and children, attended. There were demos by Brian Lyttle, Greg Lightfoot, Randal Graham, Sam Bull, and myself. Much information was exchanged on many topics, including fancy folders, forge construction, forge welding, salt treating and antler carving. The final symposium held at my shop was in June, 2007

I instruct several classes, including stock removal, pattern welding (damascus) and 2"x72" square wheel grinder-making workshops.

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Knife Classes

Please call if you want stock removal, Damascus, or liner lock classes.

Storch Knives, R.R. 4, Mannville, Alberta, Canada, T0B 2W0
Telephone1: (780) 763-2214
Telephone2: (780) 853-0237
Email: storchknives@gmail.com

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Have a look at Robert Dockrell's impressions
of the Northwest Canadian Knifemaking Symposium
held in June,

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